Walk For Miles - Part 2

There are a few themes threaded through our walk today, but that will become self-evident. A good thing about winter is that the naked trees allow better views of the architecture. There is probably nothing worse than a beautiful building which hides behind an Oak Mustache.
The Classy Strip (Starbucks Number One) - W Burnside and SW Vista Avenue

Ye Olde Painted Wall - NW 23rd and Westover Road

Junk Duck! (Metal Animal One) - NW Westover Road

The Brick Corner (Starbucks Number Two) - NW 23rd and Hoyt Street

Scrap Chicken! (Metal Animal Two) - NW 23rd and Hoyt Street

Mother Ham (Metal Animal Three) - NW 23rd and Lovejoy Street

The Hipster (Starbucks Number Three) - NW 23rd and Overton Street

Bleeding Heart - NW Overton Street

Every Bus Stop Needs a Starbucks (Number Four!) - NW 21st and Lovejoy Street

There Was a Sale On Safety Yellow Last Week - NW 21st and Johnson Street

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