Walk For Miles - Part 1

Miles falls asleep during his first architectural photo walk.
I finally figured out how to kill many birds with one stone. Since shortly before my son was born and now especially after, I don't have time to do much of anything that doesn't involve diapers and spit up. Miles has become the center of the universe, but that just means he's always handy for fish-eye photographs. I haven't been able to write, take architectural photos, or wander the city like I used to. The center of the universe gets pretty boring.

About once a week I take Miles for a walk in the front loader for an hour or two to give Sarah a break from his little milk-seeking lips and razor sharp finger talons. We bring along the camera and we're good to go! Sarah can bake cookies or sleep and Miles will learn a little about architectural photo walks. This is the first part of hopefully many such walks through the city with Miles. I decide what to photograph and he decides when we go home.

Now to throw the first stone.

Winter Windows - SW Ninth and Washington Street
Footprint - W Burnside and Tenth Avenue
Powell's Books - W Burnside and Tenth Avenue
Noodles, Where? - NW Tenth and Couch Street

Coffee Break - NW Eighteenth and Glisan Street

Trader Joe's Cheese Aisle - NW Glisan and Twenty-first Avenue

Super Glass Box Extravaganza! - NW Glisan and Twenty-third Avenue

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